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Being a writer myself I’m always on the lookout for fresh and interesting soccer articles. The DSD impressed me from the first time I saw it. Top shelf soccer website.
— Kris K., Milwaukee, WI
The Daily Soccer Digest has become part of my morning routine. It’s conveniently in my inbox every morning which allows me to immediately be up-to-speed with all the top stories from around world soccer. It’s the best soccer newsletter I’ve come across!
— Jesse C,. Chicago, IL
I love reading the Daily Soccer Digest because it allows me to quickly catch up with the world of soccer. It also helps me learn more about the world wide game and leagues that I do not typically follow, allowing to me to talk intelligently about the game with my football loving kids is also a huge benefit!
— Arleen A., New Hampshire
The DSD is my go-to for the latest soccer news across the globe. It has everything I need to know all wrapped up into one neatly-organized email, making it easy for me to keep tabs on my favorite clubs. My day doesn’t start until I check the Daily Soccer Digest!
— Brian T., San Diego, CA
The Daily Soccer Digest has become my primary source of news and information about what is happening in the world of international soccer. American newspapers continue to give the cold shoulder to my favorite sport — poor coverage of the MLS and no coverage of the rest of world soccer, so it’s a delight to open my email and find the DSD ready to fill me in!
— Tom B., - Boston, MA
The DSD is the first thing I read in the morning. If it’s not in here, I didn’t miss it.
— Noel H., New York City, NY
The DSD is the first thing I read each day. I like everything about it – the format, the coverage (especially the U.S. leagues) and the fact that there are no distracting ads and pop-ups. It’s clean and to the point with clear and concise writing.
— Christopher D., Los Angeles
DSD keeps me up-to-date on ALL of the major soccer events in the USA (not just MLS or US Men’s/Women’s), which is different from most websites. It’s just so convenient to get into work in the morning and have all my soccer news right in front of me in one spot. It allows me to get my soccer fix in while not wasting (too) much time!
— Dan D., Boston, MA